An Author. An Inspiration. Here’s the Story of Puneet Mathur

Within a span of 7 years, Puneet Mathur started the Boolbrite School of AI and has made it reach heights. Puneet Mathur is a book author. His books are based on Artificial Intelligence like IoT and machine learning, Reiki healing & Prediction techniques, and the use of Data Science in Program and Project Management.

Puneet Mathur’s dream was to speak through his words and let the world listen to what he had to say. He had a zeal to share his technical expertise with everyone around, and that’s how he started his book writing journey.

In no time, his books became best-sellers in their genre, and soon he started online training on “The Predictive Project Manager.” He saw a breakthrough with this training as the Project Management world acknowledged his hard work and the quality of the material he brought to the table.

Puneet Mathur then went ahead to launch another online course named “Machine Learning using Excel.”

This course got launched on Udemy, and it was another hit. What sets Puneet Mathur apart from the world is that he involves case studies in his books and courses.

Puneet Mathur’s business involves imparting vital knowledge to the targeted audience with the help of various books and courses revolving around IoT, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, Project Management, etc.

How does Puneet Mathur’s business venture impact society, you ask? Puneet’s case studies have helped a lot of students understand concepts better, and his books have received immense value and love from their readers. People often tell Puneet Mathur how his books have also helped them in their daily life.

Puneet Mathur has constantly been trying to use case studies as a way of creating practical applications and approaches in his respective field. His approach is such because Puneet Mathur aims to spread skills that can be used in people’s everyday personal and professional lives. For Puneet Mathur, writing is an exceptionally spiritual experience for him. Writing energizes him and uplifts his spirits like nobody or nothing else can.

Talking about Puneet Mathur’s inspiration, he looks up to JK Rowling in the world of fiction, and Fritjof Capra is his idol for nonfiction books. As an entrepreneur, Puneet Mathur has faced various challenges throughout his success journey.

His biggest challenge has been to attain the use of technology continuously. It started with the business going online, then the trend hopped on video format, and today people are hooked on mobile applications. Now, people are going to move towards the metaverse in the future. A business’s biggest challenge is adapting and changing according to the latest technologies.

Puneet Mathur’s training style and how he helps people upskill set him apart as an entrepreneur. Puneet Mathur’s nature of going the extra mile to help people is what has helped him grow the Boolbrite School of AI. Finally, Puneet Mathur advises young authors to be patient and have faith. Your first book may not be the biggest hit, but if you hang in there, you’ll get the fruit of your hard work, and success will come to you.


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