From Jaipur to London: Megha Singh Nandiwal’s Success Story

To regain what is called life, Megha Singh Nandiwal is a 34-year-old entrepreneur who lives by this motto. Megha Singh Nandiwal is the woman behind Vamstar (, which is a tech-based Healthcare company based in London, UK. Megha Singh Nandiwal has been working for the last 13 years and has been flourishing in the industry as she’s always had a business and growth mindset.

Megha hails from the pink city of India, AKA Jaipur. Megha Singh Nandiwal sought her education at Biyani Girls College, IMT Ghaziabad, and Harvard University. Moreover, she’s played a very crucial role in helping all the companies she’s worked in grow tremendously, including Cars24, Infosys, and Lifcare.

Megha Singh Nandiwal then headed towards her venture, Vamstar, a UK-based Healthcare startup founded in 2019. Megha Singh Nandiwal aims to find the right individuals for the company so that everyone works well as a team and helps the company grow in all spheres. Megha Singh Nandiwal believes that she has had the right people guiding her while making integral decisions for Vamstar and that companies should anticipate their competition correctly.

Megha Singh Nandiwal firmly thinks that apart from those leading the company, every other individual and department holds the responsibility for the other half of the equation. Thus, other departments like HR should be active and should work effectively so that the company doesn’t just run smoothly but also grows rapidly.

Megha Singh Nandiwal’s vision is to make Vamstar the largest healthcare marketplace based on technology. Although she has built a team of skilled professionals, she actively takes part in the everyday dealings of the company, spends quality time with her employees, creates effective strategies, and ensures that the company and employees are headed in the right direction.

With an aim to transform the way Healthcare organizations find and connect with suppliers, Vamstar incorporates experts from software engineering, commercialization, data science, artificial intelligence, and market access.

Lastly, Megha Singh Nandiwal has made it her life’s mission to cross all the hurdles that come her way and ensure that all the problems faced by people in the Healthcare industry get resolved effectively.

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