We all Have a Story to Tell: Here’s Bhavik Mehta’s Entrepreneurial Journey

The 2022 “40 under 40 Best and Trend Setter Architects and Interior Designer” By FOAID for Residential Interior Project, award winner Bhavik Mehta started his entrepreneurial journey as he founded GreenSquares Design Studio in 2009.

GreenSquares Design Studio ( is an interior design & architectural company based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Bhavik Mehta’s educational background consists of a B.Arch and M.Tech (Sustainable Development), and his aim to develop a self-sustaining society is what encouraged him to start his business journey. Bhavik’s objective is to create sustainable designs that satisfy the user, and he lives by the phrase, “Energy Efficient Futuristic Development.”

When talking about Bhavik Mehta’s idols & inspiration, his design philosophy has been greatly impacted by Karan Desai. Karan Desai’s deconstructionist designs have inspired Bhavik to push his limits and work extraordinarily. Bhavik aspires to attain Karan Desai’s design aesthetic & his contributions to humanity in this profession.

As an interior designer & architect, Bhavik Mehta’s biggest and most significant challenge has been to adhere to budgets as different clients come with unique requirements and different budget constraints that make it difficult for designers to follow them.

Bhavik Mehta believes that no matter how you work, for an agency or independently, creating a brand and promoting yourself is vital. Potential clients will ultimately approach you for your ideas, experience, and work. Bhavik also believes that social media holds incredible importance in today’s digital era, and you should put it to use to build a strong foundation for your brand.

GreenSquares Design Studio has a team of skilled experts who focus on contemporary and sustainable designs as they strive to establish a unique identity of their own.

What makes Bhavik Mehta unique as an entrepreneur is that he has a creative eye and a knack for attention to detail. He firmly believes he’s highly creative and can easily design unique spaces. Bhavik doesn’t only have a unique point of view, but he is also very adaptable.

He simultaneously focuses on the little details and the big picture to craft cohesive spaces. He believes creativity is not the sole requirement for this job, but it’s certainly a prerequisite. These qualities set him apart from his competitors and make him an amazing businessman.

The Malabar Home is a project that is closest to Bhavik’s heart. The home is filled with natural light and vegetation. Its simplicity is layered with nature and light symbols and is simply breathtaking. Bhavik Mehta says that it is incredibly important to listen to clients and what they have to say for you to be able to understand their psychology and requirements in the best possible ways.

It is fundamental for an architect to listen to their clients and appreciate what they want. Building a strong relationship with the client is vital to adding value to the project and design to the best of your abilities. In his profession, Bhavik Mehta has learned that he needs to keep pushing himself to try new things and take up projects that make him uncomfortable. He believes that it isn’t enough to keep doing projects simply.

Rather, you must keep practicing to break down a larger skill into chunks and pair it with immediate feedback loops. He also makes it a point to read books or academic literature to open a new world of techniques and a pair of new eyes to look at the world differently. He lives by the learning that if you look at every project as an opportunity to expand your horizons and learn actively, you’ll get amazingly good at what you do in no time.

A message Bhavik Mehta would like to give to budding interior designers and architects is never to undervalue your work. Seek criticism, not praise. And to keep learning by reading books, magazines, blogs, etc. You should also never stop practicing and know that it will take time, but you’ll get success when the time is right for you.

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