Ar. Rituparna Mandal: Bringing Dreams to Life with Leafnest Design

Ar. Rituparna Mandal is the talented architect and creative mind behind Leafnest Design. Currently based in Mumbai, Rituparna describes herself as a lifelong learner. Born and raised in Calcutta, she grew up in a beautiful environment surrounded by lush greenery. This upbringing allowed her to marvel at the creativity of nature. From a young age, Rituparna recognized the beauty, harmony, and self-sufficiency of nature, where numerous elements seamlessly come together to create a symphony.

Inspired by her admiration for nature and encouraged by her inquisitive nature and supportive family, Rituparna pursued a career in architecture. She earned her bachelor’s degree in architecture (B.Arch.) from Piloo Mody College of Architecture in Orissa. Following her graduation, she completed an internship in Delhi before eventually moving to Mumbai. Rituparna spent over eight years working for a reputable architectural firm, where she gained valuable experience and gradually began managing projects independently as an associate.

After spending considerable time learning and growing in esteemed companies and working on diverse projects in different cities, Rituparna felt the desire to chart her own path and establish her own firm. She realized that building a house is not just about bricks, sand, and cement, but about creating a space that clients can truly call home. Understanding the needs and emotions of her clients and translating them into tangible spaces became her passion. Rituparna is a self-motivated and disciplined individual, always eager to upskill herself and embrace new knowledge whenever an opportunity arises.

Rituparna’s strengths lie in her analytical approach and her ability to infuse a human touch into every situation—an aspect that sets her apart from others. She firmly believes in realism and considers designing and creating spaces where people live and work as a reflection of life itself.

Leafnest Design, founded in 2019, has already completed more than seven successful projects. Rituparna believes that society is a collective creation of individuals, each with their own unique qualities and coexistence. Her projects are grounded in this philosophy, showcasing her clients’ individuality and uniqueness.

For individuals, a home is a place of belonging and connection with their inner selves. Therefore, creating a space where individuals or families feel comfortable and happy is of utmost importance to Rituparna. Her projects exemplify the essence of a person’s uniqueness and individuality.

With her qualification in B.Arch., Rituparna has worked on various commercial and residential projects over the past decade. During this time, she discovered her aptitude for connecting with people and enjoyed creating their dream houses. As a result, she gradually transitioned to specializing in interior design projects.

As an architect, Rituparna possesses a multitude of design ideas. However, she believes that her unique selling proposition lies in showcasing her clients’ individuality—a quality often overlooked by others. She brings a human touch to each project, ensuring that it is not just another house under construction. Humans will always seek a place to call home, and Rituparna envisions being a part of creating that home for her clients. She foresees the firm’s projects multiplying threefold in the next five years.

Rituparna has always been a curious individual with a creative streak since childhood. Growing up in a family where her father was in the same profession laid the foundation for her career. She aimed to leave her mark by incorporating her individual creativity into the projects she undertook. This drove her to embark on a unique path, leading to the birth of Leafnest Design.

Her father serves as her inspiration and idol. As a daughter, she adores him, but professionally, she aspires to emulate his work ethic and skills, which have allowed him to flourish in

the industry. Her interest and love for the architectural profession grew over time, and she aims to provide the same level of skill and client service that her father demonstrated.

As an entrepreneur, Rituparna understands that the path ahead is filled with unpredictability compared to having a stable job. She established her firm in 2019, only to face the challenge of a global pandemic shortly after. With no projects and tight finances, meeting ends meet became her primary challenge. Although she could have returned to her previous firm to secure a steady income, she recognized that starting something of her own comes with risks.

Rituparna saw the situation as an opportunity to broaden her horizons. With patience and a day-by-day approach, the firm gradually began receiving projects as COVID-19 cases reduced. Today, when she is working on a project, she simultaneously plans to pitch to at least three others.

As an individual, Rituparna possesses the ability to view things from various perspectives. This has cultivated her patience and appreciation for the fact that waiting for the perfect situation may never arise. She firmly believes that hard work is the key to success, regardless of one’s circumstances. Rituparna emphasizes that client satisfaction stands as one of the most important pillars of success in any project.

When a client hires an architect, they are not seeking a professional service solely to construct four walls. They want their dreams and ideas to materialize in the best possible way. As a designer, Rituparna believes it is her duty to help co-create their dream homes.

Rituparna’s advice to aspiring individuals is to choose this profession if they have a passion for creating something extraordinary. Architecture is not a run-of-the-mill job; it is for those who dream big and help others turn their dreams into reality. She encourages budding architects to be curious, observant, and embrace the world of fantasy that can be transformed into reality through their creative endeavors.