If you believe in your capabilities, you can achieve whatever you desire! – Ar. Raksha Agrawal

Winner of Young Innovative Architect For Excellence In Digital Architecture & Modern Design Planning by INDIA DESIGN, Ar. Raksha Agrawal is the founder of Ayodhya’s D_ARC STUDIO. Ar. Raksha hails from Paratwada, which is a beautiful city in Maharashtra. Growing up, Raksha had always been passionate about interior design & architecture, and she chose to pursue it as her educational field.

She’s learned a lot throughout her journey as an architect & interior designer & the idea of starting her own business struck her head when she was pursuing her graduation. After completing her masters education, Raksha Agrawal founded Ayodhya’s D_ARC STUDIO in 2019 and has been working on her company’s growth ever since.

Ar. Raksha believes that in a world that is extremely globalized & interconnected, people’s sociology heavily impacts an area’s development. For instance, the Indian culture strongly follows Vastu & its placement & to ensure that the company lives up to their client’s expectations, they must keep this in mind while designing a space.

Ar. Raksha specializes in digital fabrication, setting her apart from competitors and helping her grow in the field. She believes that adding new aspects of digital technology to the conventional ways of developing spaces is essential, making lives easier and better considering various factors. Ar. Raksha holds knowledge & expertise in digital technology & architecture & she aims to solve the modern problems of her industry.

From using optimal space for various purposes and constantly changing lifestyle dynamics, Ar. Raksha believes digital architecture is a one-point solution with a lot to offer. Ayodhya’s D_ARC STUDIO is unique as the team’s work speaks for itself, given how they approach different scenarios & tackle daily problems in the profession.

Ar. Raksha aims to offer her clients the exact same output as it was portrayed in the initial stages of the project & that’s what makes her stand out. She constantly tries to bridge the gap as she lives by the motto, “We construct, What we design.”

Knowing the nitty-gritty of the industry and completing higher education in the field alongside the zeal to set an example for the female fraternity of her city motivated Ar. Raksha to start her business in the architectural industry.

She considers her family to be her biggest support, as they’ve been her guiding light throughout this journey. She’s also grateful for her Ma’am, whom she looked upto throughout & considers them to be the shapers of her life. The most challenging part of starting a company is to be an entrepreneur with a vision that needs to be turned into action.

Ar. Raksha has learned a lot in her entrepreneurial journey & she believes that the sole purpose of an entrepreneur should be to fulfill the needs of their clients and not run after monetary gains. Therefore, she vouches for quality over quantity.

Talking about understanding the client’s requirements, Ar. Raksha firmly stands by the fact that it is the most basic yet the single most important aspect of a project. Therefore, creating a blueprint of the client’s expectations is essential to ensure that you turn them into a reality.

Ar. Raksha Agrawal has also learned that you need to believe in your caliber & deliver as promised to gain long-term clients and add value to your work. Her two cents for budding entrepreneurs are to keep trying new ideas, take practical risks to pursue your dreams & goals, & believe in yourself. If you believe in what you aspire, everyone else will eventually start believing it too. It takes an immense effort to deliver the actual demands, but with great work with laser focus and clarity, things tend to unfold in their own ways. So you should keep hustling until you find your way around.


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