Building ArchtiX from Ground Up: Here’s Ar. Akshay Varadai’s Entrepreneurial Journey

The owner of ArchtiX |Architect & Interior Designers ( ), Ar. Akshay Varadai had always been intrigued by various art forms ever since he was a child. He has always had a creative edge and looks at things from a design perspective.

As he grew, his fascination with art and design increased, and that’s when he knew Architecture was his calling. Sanjay Puri and Aamir Hameeda are Ar. Akshay’s idols.

Ar. Akshay Varadai started his entrepreneurial journey on 29th July 2020 by giving birth to ArchtiX, an architectural and interior design company based in Gokak. His aim was simple. He wanted to broaden the vision of everyone in his city and introduce them to modern architecture.

Ar. Akshay Varadai feels that architecture allows you to open your mind’s creative horizons, and watching an idea turn into reality is rewarding. ArchtiX has completed 50 small and large-scale projects within two years.

Ar. Akshay believes in collaborating with his clients and working as a team to develop good designs. His team ensures that their client’s vision is kept in mind and the result fulfills their requirements.

ArchtiX specializes in Contemporary and Modern Designs. However, the company also caters to new concepts depending on the project’s theme.

Like any other entrepreneur, Ar. Akshay has also faced various challenges, including time management and finding the right skilled individuals for his team. He overcame these challenges by introducing deadlines and making detailed instructions for what is expected and required from his employees. His goal is to make ArchtiX global in the upcoming years.

Ar. Akshay’s quality of being approachable and prioritizing his clients over everything else has helped his company grow tremendously. What sets him apart from others is how he’s marketed himself and his work in the industry. He faces challenges without fear and ensures that his company caters precisely to every client’s needs.

Additionally, ArchtiX is also concerned for the environment. The team tries to add green elements to their projects wherever possible, and they encourage their clients to create spaces with greener elements. The company also tries to use sustainable materials as much as it can.

According to Ar. Akshay, a client’s requirements need to be given top priority. Akshay and his team ensure they understand what their client wants and work towards adding value to the project. As an entrepreneur, Ar. Akshay’s most significant learning has been to keep up with the latest designs and trends in the market.

You need to rattle your creativity continuously and always look for new opportunities and designs around you. Ar. Akshay reads magazines and newsletters daily to stay updated with the latest designs in the industry.

As a way of passing on his wisdom to other designers and architects in the industry, Ar. Akshay says that you should always have a strong intent and purpose. Additionally, you shouldn’t set very high goals. Start small, and take one step at a time. Lastly, a strong network will help you go a long way.

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