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Building Dreams: The Rise of Metricchant Design Attributes Pvt. Ltd.

Apeksha Nagia, alongside her partner Rohit Surendra Nagia, has been a trailblazer in the interior design industry for over two decades. Graduates of the esteemed School of Architecture at CEPT, Ahmedabad, and School of Interior Design at CEPT, Ahmedabad, their journey is a testament to passion, dedication, and innovation in creating spaces that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also sustainable and functional.

Metricchant Design Attributes Pvt. Ltd. (MDAPL) was founded on April 28, 2001. The inception of MDAPL marked the beginning of a journey that would see the firm grow into one of the leading names in the interior design industry in India. What started as a modest venture with a capital investment of just ₹10,000 has now burgeoned into a thriving enterprise with a turnover of ₹85 lakhs. This remarkable growth is a testament to the vision and hard work of Apeksha and Rohit.

Apeksha’s journey into interior design was sparked during her childhood when she saw her new home being built by an architect. The process of creating a living space fascinated her, but the realization that a completed structure without interiors was not truly usable ignited her passion for interior design. This experience, coupled with her education at CEPT, where she was mentored by great faculties, laid the foundation for her career. Together with Rohit, who is also a qualified GRIHA trainer and evaluator, they built MDAPL on principles of sustainability, energy efficiency, and low maintenance.

Over the past two decades, MDAPL has successfully completed over 590 high-end residences, farmhouses, housing and apartment schemes, factories, commercial retail spaces, commercial buildings, corporates, and co-working offices. Each project reflects their commitment to creating spaces that are green, luxurious, and humane. They delve deep into the unsaid requirements of their clients, ensuring that every space they design nurtures human relationships and personal growth.

Rohit’s expertise extends beyond design; he is an author of two books, “Creating Urbane HQ’s – The 1st Step” and “Money Generating Building 2.0”, which focus on clean green construction and the importance of sustainability. Apeksha, inspired by Indian art and crafts, has authored “Getting Them Started”, a guide on corporate design for startups. Her curiosity about various types of plants and her interactions with users ensure that every project not only meets the functional needs but also resonates with the client’s dreams and lifestyle.

MDAPL’s impact on the market and society is significant. Their design practice has led to numerous referrals, spreading their influence to various cities. The firm delves into diverse design disciplines, including retail, residential, commercial, corporate office, factories, and farmhouses, with luxury homes being their prime forte. They specialize in creating low-maintenance, green, yet high-luxury spaces for homeowners, which sets them apart from other design firms.

One of the unique aspects of MDAPL’s approach is their ability to create spaces that resonate deeply with the clients’ unsaid desires and needs. They engage in deep communication with the entire client family to understand their relationships, hobbies, and lifestyle dreams. This approach has led to innovative designs, such as a sitar podium in a home to rekindle the owner’s passion for playing the instrument, exemplifying how their designs foster positive human growth.

The USP of MDAPL lies in their emphasis on green design. Every project is analyzed for orientation, openings, oxygen content of spaces, ventilation, views, and human growth, making the project more humane. Their future prospects are centered on sustainability, constantly researching new steps to inspire productivity, purpose, and creativity, aiming to make India shine and the world ecstatic.

The motivation to start MDAPL came from their faculties and family, who showed immense confidence in their abilities. Their shared dreams and aspirations took shape in 2001, leading to the establishment of their design studio. Professionally, Apeksha was inspired by the realization during her childhood that a completed structure is only half the process; interior design is what makes it truly livable. This realization drove her to pursue a career in interior design at CEPT, where she and Rohit realized their dreams.

Starting their business was not without challenges. As freshers, they faced difficulties due to a lack of experience and a limited portfolio. They encountered challenges such as clients bargaining, contractors attempting to bribe, and their designs being questioned. However, they stuck to their ideals, even if it meant losing projects. This adherence to their principles has given them growth and established a culture of creating value for everyone at MDAPL.

Essentials for starting their business included office space, computers, the latest software, a team, and good clients. However, beyond infrastructure, they emphasized the need for a designer to have a purpose, mission, vision, an open-minded approach, collaborative efforts, and intentions of ethical practice. Their unique design philosophy adds magic to the design world.

Opportunities in the market are abundant for those who listen to the unsaid words and create value around them. The aim is not just to grab projects but to add value to the client, the space, and everything involved. Apeksha and Rohit believe that their upbringing played a significant role in their success. Rohit’s father taught him mechanical drawing, and a school teacher inspired him to sketch, developing his creative muscle. Apeksha’s diverse skills, from cooking to driving, have indirectly trained her to manage situations effectively. Her understanding of various subjects, crafts, and interaction with artisans has benefited her professionally.

MDAPL’s design process starts with understanding the site and client requirements in detail. They conduct recorded interviews with every family member to uncover the invisible needs and design spaces that cater to them. This detailed and client-centric approach has resulted in amazingly satisfied clients who often return for new projects, maintaining a strong bond with MDAPL.

Their commitment to delivering on promises is ensured through systems and checklists that break down projects into thousands of tasks, delegated to the team. This ensures clarity of responsibilities and effective project management. Most people leave jobs due to bad management and unclear responsibilities, but MDAPL’s approach fosters a positive work environment.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Apeksha and Rohit advise identifying the site’s potentials and challenges, keeping things simple, effective, sustainable, and creative, and always being innovative. They believe in being the client to design for the client, ensuring that every space they create truly reflects the client’s dreams and needs.

Awards Won by Metricchant Design Attributes Pvt. Ltd.

Eldrok India Architecture Awards 2021 (Metricchant Design Associate)19-Feb-2021
Eldrok India Architecture Awards 2021 (Rohit Nagia as Speaker)19-Feb-2021
Time2Leap National Awards-MSME 2020-21 (Commercial Project of the Year)22-Jun-2021
Time2Leap National Awards-MSME 2020-21 (Best Retail Project of the Year)22-Jun-2021
Global Business Reconnect Nexion – Apeksha Nagia as Speaker at Architect Reconnect Summit27-May-2022
Architects WOW Awards 2022 for Best Residential Spaces27-May-2022
Architects WOW Awards 2022 for Best in Designing Temples and Farmhouses27-May-2022
Fempreneur 2023 – Fempreneur Award-Interior Designer (Apeksha Nagia)08-Mar-2023
Fempreneur 2023 – Experience the Power of Women Entrepreneurs08-Mar-2023
Startup Growth Show – Eminent Speaker (Apeksha Nagia)07-Jan-2023
Fempreneur 2023 – In the Talk Show Fempreneur Saturday25-Feb-2023
Eldrok-HTL Aircon – IAA 2023 MDAPL (for Excellence in Redesigning Residential Spaces)12-Apr-2023
Eldrok-HTL Aircon – Rohit Nagia as Eminent Speaker12-Apr-2023
Time2Leap Awards – Best Apartment of the Year17-Apr-2023
Time2Leap Awards – Best Upcoming Innovative Project of the Year17-Apr-2023
Architects WOW Awards – MDAPL for Excellence in Designing Luxury Farmhouses28-Apr-2023
Master Training in Tobacco Cessation (MTTC)13-15 Aug-2024
Architect’s WOW Awards10-May-2024
Won the Cover Page of “The CEO Magazine” June 2024 Edition01-Jun-2024