Design On Dime: Transforming Spaces with Creativity and Sustainability

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Driven by a passion for exploration and creativity, Divya Gupta embarked on her journey into the world of interior design. With a degree in interior designing, Divya’s career began with a spontaneous job in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. However, it was upon returning to Chhattisgarh during the lockdown that she observed the burgeoning demand for interior designers. This realization, coupled with her love for experimentation and creativity, led her to establish Design On Dime in February 2022. Since then, Divya has been dedicated to transforming spaces and bringing her clients’ visions to life.

Business Overview:

  • Inception Year: 01-February-2022
  • Present Status: Engaged in major projects including luxury farmhouses, restaurants, and upscale residential designs.
  • Impact on Society: Design On Dime goes beyond aesthetic appeal, focusing on enhancing well-being and reflecting cultural and economic trends.
  • Specializations: Residential interior design and sustainable design.
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Prioritizing eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient practices to create stylish, comfortable, and planet-friendly living environments.
  • Future Prospects: Aspires to be recognized as the premier sustainable interior design firm.

Inspiration and Challenges:

Divya finds inspiration in her father, who imparted invaluable business knowledge, and Gauri Khan, whose work in interior design inspired her. Despite facing challenges as an introvert without a business background, Divya’s passion, creativity, and patience enabled her to overcome obstacles and establish a successful venture. The support of appreciative clients has further fueled her determination.

Entrepreneurial Essentials:

Divya underscores the importance of consistency, creativity, and patience in entrepreneurship. Networking played a pivotal role in identifying opportunities in the market, while her calm demeanor and attentive listening skills have set her apart as an entrepreneur.

Notable Project:

Divya holds her first project dear to her heart—a 200sqft office design that marked the beginning of her entrepreneurial journey.

Embracing Sustainability:

Design On Dime aligns with the shift towards sustainable and green architecture, reflecting Divya’s belief in responsible interior design practices.

Client-Centric Approach:

Understanding client psychology and requirements is paramount for Divya, as it fosters satisfaction and effective word-of-mouth marketing. She emphasizes the importance of giving equal attention to clients as to design details.

Entrepreneurial Learnings:

Divya’s journey has taught her the value of hard work, self-belief, team building, and embracing failure as a stepping stone to success.

Advice for Aspiring Architects & Designers:

She encourages budding architects and designers to prioritize attention to detail, foster creativity, and hone communication skills.