Rupika Ganesan and CODE DESIGN STUDIO

I, Rupika Ganesan, am the founder of CODE DESIGN STUDIO. I completed my Bachelor of Architecture from Sathyabama University in 2018. After working for a year at a reputed firm, I pursued my Master of Science in Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship at Newcastle University, graduating in 2020. During the COVID-19 pandemic, I established CODE DESIGN STUDIO, a subsidiary of Rupdep Projects Consultants Pvt Ltd. Initially operating remotely, we have since grown into a dedicated office space with a team of five. My passion for architecture stems from its dynamic nature, providing a diverse routine and the opportunity to solve problems in unique ways.

Business Inception and Status:

Inception Year/Date: April 2021
Current Status: We are a team of five, specializing in residential and commercial architecture and interior design. In the past two years, we have successfully completed nearly 70 projects.

Impact on Society:

Our work profoundly influences individuals and communities, shaping their values, behaviors, and experiences. By incorporating these aspects into our designs, we strive to make a positive impact on society through architecture.


We specialize in Residential Architecture and enjoy experimenting with various materials and combinations to enhance our designs.

Problem Solving:

Rather than merely solving problems, we aim to help clients realize their dreams. Our goal is to enhance their ideas and bring them to life.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

Our designs reflect individual lifestyles and values. Collaboration is at the heart of CODE DESIGN STUDIO, fostering creativity and knowledge sharing to exceed client expectations. We prioritize understanding client visions and translating them into innovative architectural solutions. Staying at the forefront of architectural trends and sustainable practices ensures our designs are both fresh and efficient.

Future Prospects:

We aim to adapt to market changes, continue growing, diversify our services, and expand globally.

Motivation for Starting the Business:

My passion for architecture and a vision for a collaborative practice drove me to start CODE DESIGN STUDIO. I wanted to create a space where diverse talents and ideas converge, emphasizing innovative and creative design.

Professional Inspiration:

Zaha Hadid’s daring and innovative designs inspire me to push the boundaries of architecture and creativity.

Entrepreneurial Challenges and Learnings:

Facing financial constraints and establishing a client base were initial challenges. We learned to be financially prudent, prioritize client relationships, and maintain a positive work culture. Personal resilience and adaptability were crucial in overcoming these professional challenges.

Essentials for Starting the Business:

Building a skilled and motivated team was essential. We recruited architects and designers who shared our values and vision, ensuring high-quality work and a collaborative environment.

Market Opportunity Identification:

We conducted market research, analyzed gaps, gathered client feedback, and networked extensively to understand and meet client needs, positioning CODE strategically in the market.

Unique Entrepreneurial Traits:

My vision, passion, resilience, adaptability, creativity, and ethical values have shaped my entrepreneurial journey, contributing to both professional success and a values-driven personal life.

Memorable Projects:

Every project is significant to us, each one adding a new feather to our cap. We cherish the positive feedback and learnings from each project.

Views on Sustainable Architecture:

Sustainable and green architecture is integral to our design philosophy. We aim to create enduring solutions that benefit the environment, communities, and future generations.

Importance of Understanding Client Psychology:

Understanding client psychology and requirements is crucial for creating functional, emotionally resonant architectural solutions aligned with client goals and values.

Learnings from Entrepreneurship:

Key learnings include resilience, work-life balance, the importance of networking and collaboration, and adaptation to change.

Message to Budding Architects & Designers:

Embrace mistakes as learning opportunities and pursue your passion for design and innovation. Architecture allows you to shape the future and contribute positively to society.


  • Rising & Creative Architecture & Interior Design Firm of the Year 2022, Tamil Nadu under Residential Projects
  • Most Promising Women Architect & Entrepreneur of the Year 2022, Tamil Nadu