Building Tomorrow: The Story of iiistudio in the New Millennium

Meet Brinda Goswami, an architect driven by her passion for innovation and design. Graduating from NIT Bhopal in 1997, Brinda’s journey into architecture was marked by a determination to carve her own path. Despite the allure of emerging fields like IT during the late 1990s, Brinda remained steadfast in her dream of establishing her own design practice. Drawing from her experiences of seeing the exploitation in small architectural offices and a desire to create a more organized and transparent approach to design, Brinda embarked on her entrepreneurial journey. In December 2009, against the backdrop of the dotcom burst and the dawn of the computer revolution, she founded iiistudio, starting with just two members and an office space that doubled as her living room.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Brinda’s journey embodies the essence of resilience and determination. Fueled by her unwavering desire to make a mark in the architectural landscape, she navigated through challenges with a combination of creativity, dedication, and transparency. Her ability to build strong client relationships and deliver innovative solutions has been the cornerstone of iiistudio’s success.

Crafting Dreams, One Design at a Time:

At iiistudio, each project is a testament to Brinda’s commitment to understanding her clients’ unique needs and aspirations. From Indian fusion homes to luxury retail spaces, every design reflects a meticulous blend of creativity and functionality, tailored to meet the individuality of its occupants.

Vision for the Future:

As the architectural landscape evolves, Brinda envisions iiistudio at the forefront of sustainable and green design practices. Understanding the importance of client psychology and requirements, she emphasizes the need for a personalized approach, ensuring that each project is a fulfilling and joyful journey for both parties involved.

Words of Wisdom:

Brinda’s message to budding architects and designers is simple yet profound: Stay grounded, focus on the positives, and let simplicity guide your design ethos. Each day presents an opportunity for growth and gratitude, and success lies in embracing the journey with an open heart.

Awards and Recognition:

iiistudio’s commitment to excellence has been recognized through accolades such as the Times Award for their flagship store, Gelatissmo, and numerous awards for their residential projects. Brinda’s dedication to design innovation continues to shape the architectural landscape, one project at a time.