The Journey of Aanjaneya Projects in Architecture and Interior Design

Holding a diploma in computers, my journey into architecture and interior design began with a fascination for 3D modeling and rendering. My initial foray into multimedia and 3D house modeling sparked a deep interest in interior design. After a stint in various corporate jobs, where I found little satisfaction, I decided to venture into my own interior design business, “The Main Wall.” Coming from a middle-class background, my goal has always been to offer luxury living within budget constraints. Eventually, I integrated my interior design business as a sub-department within Aanjaneya Projects, founded by Rajesh Gadde, who later became my life partner. Together, we strengthened the architecture and interior department alongside the construction division.

Business Overview

Inception Year: 2015
Current Status: We have successfully impacted around 200,000 sq ft with our designs and continue to grow.

Societal Impact

Creating and executing clients’ dream spaces into reality brings immense satisfaction, contributing positively to society.


Residential and Commercial Contemporary Designing


We blend traditional Indian architectural elements with modern design principles to create functional, sustainable, and culturally relevant spaces.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

  • Unique Approach
  • Specialization
  • Sustainability & Innovation
  • Quality of Work
  • Out-of-the-box Thinking
  • Functional yet Beautiful Designs

Future Prospects

Our goal is to expand to major cities across India, introducing innovative designs accessible to all economic classes by staying innovative and responsive to client needs.

Inspiration and Motivation

Our passion and values, combined with life experiences, inspired us to start our own business. B.V. Doshi’s philosophy of architecture for the people greatly influences our work, emphasizing human-centered design.

Entrepreneurial Challenges

We faced challenges in time management, financial constraints, hiring the right people, market acceptance, and balancing personal and professional life. These experiences made us more adaptable, resilient, and empathetic, enhancing our professional journey.

Essentials for Starting the Business

  • Creative Mind
  • Continuous Learning
  • Patience
  • Market Knowledge

Market Opportunity Identification

We leveraged market research, trend analysis, competitor analysis, brainstorming, and feasibility assessment to identify market opportunities. Our passion and reliability helped us secure our first project quickly.

Unique Entrepreneurial Traits

Our empathy, adaptability, and relentless drive for continuous learning set us apart. Understanding clients’ needs and staying updated with industry trends have been key to our success.

Notable Projects

Our first project, a Salon and Spa, is particularly memorable. It taught us invaluable lessons about multitasking and problem-solving, solidifying our confidence to continue our journey.

Sustainable and Green Architecture

We strongly advocate for sustainable and green architecture. This trend addresses global environmental concerns and improves the quality of life by integrating energy-efficient systems, recyclable materials, and innovative design strategies.

Importance of Understanding Client Psychology

Understanding client psychology and requirements is crucial. It ensures designs meet functional needs and resonate emotionally, fostering trust and satisfaction.

Learnings from Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has taught us adaptability, effective communication, teamwork, problem-solving, and continuous learning, enriching our professional and personal lives.

Message to Budding Architects and Designers

Embrace creativity, innovation, and sustainability. Learn from diverse styles and cultures, focus on functionality, user experience, and environmental impact. Develop strong technical skills, adapt to new technologies, and continuously educate yourself. Your designs can shape the world, so aim to create inspiring, uniting, and beneficial spaces.


Outstanding & Trusted Interior Design & Turnkey Interior Firm of the Year Telangana, Design Awards 2022 by Begin Up