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RS Parmar- Owner, Clear Concept Classes

RS Parmar- Owner, Clear Concept Classes

Some people are born to build exceptional success stories and RS Parmar is definitely one of them, whose ‘Clear Concept Classes’ is a household name recognized for impeccable teaching. Graduated from Indore, RS Parmar had always been inclined towards teaching and had been practicing teaching since 5 years. His passion for educating others is well witnessed from the fact that he used to teach even during his preparation for ‘Civil Services’ in Delhi, from where he returned to Indore to actualize his groundbreaking idea of incepting his own institute with a vision of clearing concepts of students to help them excel in competitive exams.
His vision for commencing an institute to prepare students for competitive examinations clarifies his intentions to make students capable of cracking these exams. “As candidates appearing for competitive exams would be facing an examination which in many aspects differ from the University exams, it will be extremely unrealistic to assume that one can prepare for this examination within a short time”, explains RS Parmar, who envisioned the concept of ‘CCC’ – ‘Clear Concept Classes’, to aid students in completing whole syllabus along with the practice model for the one-day exam, which can foster the growth of students in several respects.

He is immensely inspired by Stewart of simple living and high thinking – ‘Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel’ for his simplicity and self-sacrificing traits. The period of setting up of the institute had been a tough phase for Parmar, as in rural areas, building confidence among the consumers is a task, to which he claims that his hard work and self-dedication backed him to get the ball rolling.

He iterates,”One-day exams are tough to crack in order to get government jobs and escalating competition among youngsters adds to the difficulties. “In this scenario, encouraging students to work harder becomes vital and we precisely worked that way. It’s because of our untiring efforts only that we are still counting the selections made from our institute in diverse central and state government jobs”, he discloses.
As rural students face much difficulty to access quality education due to lack of money, Parmar teamed up to facilitate them with the highest quality services at a nominal fee, which attracts more students in the radius of 20 km of their area. Emphasizing on the nature of preparation to be made, pattern of setting the questions and the ways to tackle them, he admits, “To evoke the interest of students, I effectively project these dimensions of guidance to them by talking to them in class as a friend, which make them understand the concepts in easily, allowing them to question their doubts frankly”.

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