Sheetal Kumbhare: A Woman Who’s Actively Working on Little Angels, a Renowned ART Bank in India

With a number of achievements at hand, like the Fastest Growing Indian Company Excellence Award 2018 by International Achievers Conference, Outstanding Women Leadership award For Business Excellence 2019 by International Achievers Conference, and Most Preferred ART Bank for Egg Donor and Surrogacy by India Leadership Awards 2019, Mrs. Sheetal Kumbhare is the Director of Little Angels Medical Services Pvt Ltd (

Sheetal Kumbhare has done her BBA in Sales & Marketing, and she’s been working since she was 21. Talking a little about Sheetal Kumbhare’s business venture, Little Angels is a leading agency in the egg donation industry. Top fertility physicians highly recommend the database of Asian donors alongside qualified services offered by Little Angels.

What brings Little Angels into the limelight is the quality of service they provide and the effort it puts in to maintain its reputation. Little Angels is the most trusted surrogacy agency in India, and it is only growing rapidly under the leadership of Mrs. Sheetal Kumbhare. The best part about the agency is that it has numerous patients across the globe.

Sheetal Kumbhare has a zeal to do everything in her power to serve her patients to the best of her capability by meeting their needs to the fullest. Sheetal Kumbhare is a dedicated and determined individual who has given her heart and soul to Little Angels.

It is because of Sheetal Kumbhare that it has become possible for various specialized doctors and fertility clinics from all across the world to work with Little Angels. She’s made everything possible with her leadership qualities and interpersonal communication skills.

Sheetal Kumbhare’s vision for Little Angels is crystal clear. Her vision is that Sheetal Kumbhare wants Little Angels “To be the most preferred Surrogacy Art Bank agency worldwide, by keeping our core values intact and surpassing the expectations of our patients & donors.”

Sheetal Kumbhare has always been a thoughtful individual who has wanted to give something to the world. She keeps wanting to do something for society, to give back what she’s received from the world, and thus, she always wants to use her education, skills, and traits for the better good.

It is admirable to see how determined, and tough Sheetal Kumbhare is. She dreams of helping every couple so that they can become a proud parent of a healthy and happy life.

Under the supervision and leadership of Sheetal Kumbhare, today, Little Angels is known as the most trusted ART Bank in India. It is popular for providing surrogates and egg donors to those in need. So far, Little Angels has completed over 50,000 families with the help of egg donation and surrogacy. Their database of egg donors and surrogates is increasing rapidly, and the biggest challenge they face on a daily basis is counseling patients for the IVF program.

Sheetal Kumbhare loves doing social work, and thus, she’s chosen this profession to help couples build their own happy families.

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