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Sumesh Saini- Founder, Shiksha Infosys
Sumesh Saini- Founder, Shiksha Infosys

Sumesh Saini, the founder of a Jalandhar-based software solution “Shiksha Infosys” in 2001, has been commendably serving as the company’s CEO since its inception by remarkably driving the company’s strategies and execution. His versatile roles and contribution to the Digital market makes him bear a wholesome experience in the industry. Carrying an ‘over a decade’ experience in the business industry, this leading business innovator has explicitly aced every enterprise he has owned. Bearing a responsibility of corporate strategy and product leadership at ‘Shiksha Infosys’, he works with a specific focus on the product management, product marketing and user experience design.

Sumesh Saini holds Masters in Network enabled Technology from Red River, Canada, and eventually follows the international standards of work and immensely inspired by ideologies of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. On understanding his calling for venturing into the digital market, in 2004, he introduced digital platform to the regional companies which didn’t have any idea how big e-commerce can play a role in sales of any product, following the event of turning off huge pay cheque in Canada and deciding to reside in India and serve the nation to the best of his ability.

Envisioning the largest online marketing in India by 2022, he ventured into the digital industry, following the fact that India will be a super power of the internet and is apparently the 2nd Silicon Valley of the world. Reflecting a bit about this ideologies, Sumesh, who has bagged the award of ‘Youngest Entrepreneur 2014’, Udan, by Government of India; reflects that he prepares himself for the worst case scenario before commencing any project to develop the best contingency plans first to ensure success during every phase.

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