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Swapnil Aggarwal – Director, VSRK Wealth Creator Pvt. Ltd

‘VSRK Wealth Creator’, one of the leading financial services companies in India is offering its financial planning services to various Corporate and Retail giants. Mr. Swapnil Aggarwal, the Director of the company, leads the operations, ensures the seamless execution of the financial processes and controls the optimum management of the assets of the company. He is involved in market growth initiatives, client on boarding and maintaining a unified relationship with top clients and HNIs. Swapnil, who has been showcasing his effective leadership abilities by being a portfolio management professional & an expert in financial advisory, aims to be instrumental in developing various business associate channels for his company.
The visionary ‘Swapnil Agarwal’ aspires to equip the company with technology to impart its clients a stress-free access to transact through mobile applications and online, thereby creating value for the clients as well as the company itself.

About investing money and saving it for future times and emergencies, Swapnil’s company educates its clients, “That it’s the sapling today which will become a tree tomorrow and give you fruits for which you worked hard”, adding, “People are well aware of the fact that managing huge funds by themselves can be similar to treating a deep wound without the consultation of a specialist. They understand the requirement of a professional to handle their hard earned money and generate a high return on investment made by them. This has created a growing demand for finance professionals like me, and we are doing just what we are supposed to do to fulfill this demand.”

He shares about the early start of his career as a finance professional and says “I was just 5 when I was introduced to the concept of finance. My father Shri R.K. Aggrawal, has always been the man I always wanted to be like and has been the helping hand throughout my professional journey till now. My upkeep and environment around me has helped me to step into the oceans of financing and has always motivated me to learn to adapt to new technologies and create strategies mutually beneficial to my clients as well as the organisation. My motivation is backed up by the strong will power that I possess. Along with all these, I have been well versed with the financial markets and its aspects through my professional degree. As a certified financial planner, I have been trained and taught with the different aspects of the financial Market. “

Swapnil is inspired by investors like Warren Buffet who he looks up to as the source of knowledge and high motivation. He reflects “The experiences that they share on multiple platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, media reports and press conferences have always been a torch light to me. Such personalities have always guided me throughout my professional journey and have pushed me to excel in various parts of my life, both as a professional and as an individual. Managing both the personalities finding this balance is one of the most essential parts of any professional. Grooming myself with the latest market trends besides working on my soft skills is what I aim to achieve”.

Just like any other entrepreneur, Swapnil has faced some difficulties in his journey, like achieving challenging sales targets, meeting customer’s expectations, creating unparalleled value for his clients and achieving extremely satisfying results. He explains “But, we in the past few years have felt that it is a part and parcel of every successful business enterprise. It is said that only 4% of the people in India, invest in securities and most of them prefer fixed income securities such as FDs and bonds. So, for us the biggest challenge is to explain our clients the benefits of investing in securities like mutual funds, etc. and to convince them that these can actually prove to be the right decision to make. For this we have taken many initiatives such as conducting investor awareness programmes and events so as to increase the public awareness about such schemes. We also keep writing blogs and other creatives in leading social media sites such as LinkedIn and Instagram. We are trying our level best to ensure that we are able to reach as many people as we can. We have understood that this distrust of general public on risky securities is a major backlog in our journey to create a huge pool of wealth for our customers. We have been trying to remove this drawback and move towards our aim to achieve high success both on terms of profit as well as customer satisfaction”.


Unique Traits of the Wealth Creator

Swapnil’s clients describe him as the most responsible person for delivering the best possible services. By looking into the feedback by his clients, we find that they are all praises for him for his utmost priority towards them and settling of their grievances if any, in short span of time. The consistent performance of ‘VSRK Wealth Creator’ and Swapnil’s dedication has catalyzed its growth and attracted new clients owing to the latest technological tools. The passion & respect for his profession, dedication & will power ingrained from his father & idol – Shri. R.K.Aggarwal, has built a strong image in the minds of their customers besides creating wealth for them in real time.

Prestigious Awards

‘VSRK Wealth Creator’ has been felicitated with a plethora of awards during its rich 10 years of tenure till now:

  • Pan India Distributor Award – UTI Mutual Fund Products In IFA Category (2009-2010)
  • Platinum Club Members (Highest Category) in Reliance Mutual Fund, UTI Mutual Fund- ICICI Mutual Fund &
  • HSBC Mutual Fund; Pan India In IFA Category In HDFC–MIP Long Term Scheme (2009- 2010)
  • IFA Category Wealth Forum Advisor Award – 2010 For Highest Growth In AUM (Equity + Hybrid) & for (Highest Net Sales – Hybrid Funds), as well as for Highest AUM Equity + Hybrid) in North Zone – Delhi Region
  • IFA Category Wealth Forum Advisor Award 2011 For Net Sales in Equity, Debt, & Hybrid Products Delhi NCR Region
  • ‘The Most Trusted Financial Advisor Pan India’, by Blindwink, 2019


Recognitions and Appreciations

  • CNBC Nomination for Best IFA Award 2011 & for 2017-2018
  • Reliance CEO Club Topper All India 2011
  • UTI Mutual Fund Chairman Club Membership since 2008 among others.

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