A Spirit With No Rest

Abhishek Singh Thakur – Sai Professional Academy

Our world is full of knowledge, but most people do not acquire even one percent of that knowledge. People nowadays have so many mediums to learn like smartphones, computers, etc. but they waste their time on these mediums. They do not read books and documentaries. Entertainment is also essential, but not 24/7. Besides those people who waste their time, some of them are addicted to learning. Abhishek was one of those people. He dedicated all his time to education; he used to spend some time doing entertainment activities, but most of the time, he kept learning and exploring new things. He completed his B.Tech, M.Tech, and Ph.D. in chemical engineering.

Abhishek was a learning machine, and he wanted to make others like him, especially the weak and needy students. Those who are not bright and talented like some others, those who are bullied because of their marks. Therefore, he started running a super 20-coaching center for IIT, JEE, and NEET preparation. The unique thing about Abhishek’s Coaching center is its innovative success rate of 90%. The coaching is famous for its teaching style and methods. All the students get the same level of attention from the teacher, and the main goal of the center is to make poor and talented students topper of IIT-JEE and NEET exams.
There are two types of education, one which teaches you how to make the life of others happier while the other teaches you how to make your life happier.

The most basic need for a human being is education. When you convert your knowledge into a burning passion, then it becomes easy to connect someone else. The most significant support you can ever get is the support of your parents. Abhishek received support from his parents (Mr. and Mrs. Thakur) and his sisters (Dr. Rajni Thakur, Khusboo Thakur, and Sakshi Thakur). Abhishek’s family always supported him; they were the pillar to give Abhishek strength and get through bad times.

The biggest problem that Abhishek faced was lack of money because for starting an education institute, you have to maintain a good quality, and that need highly skilled teachers. Therefore, Abhishek had to borrow money from his mother, relatives, and market to run his business and to give salary to his employees.

Everyone can become a teacher, but not everyone can become a good teacher. The difference between them is some teachers cannot deliver their passion to their students. If the teacher can transfer their burning desire in their students, then he can easily convert poor students to toppers. Keeping these points aside, the most important thing for an institute is to maintain its quality. Many institutions do not focus on maintaining quality education and treat it like a business. Seeing all this, Abhishek saw an excellent opportunity to start his coaching center.

What makes Abhishek unique as a person is his undying confidence in himself. He is can quickly transfer his passion for learning to others, and he mentors his students like their father and shows them the path to succeed in life.

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