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Abhishek Thakur- Founder, Sai Professional Academy

Meet Abhishek Singh Thakur, the founder of ‘Sai Professional Academy, Bilaspur, who believes in the formula of passionate studying. He personally follows the principle of making students passionate about their studies so that they perform well in academics, and for this, he has trusted the innovative techniques of teaching which ensures great scores of students through ‘Sai Professional Academy’

An M.Tech in Chemical Engineering, Abhishek is now pursuing Ph.D, used to think about studies distinctly even during earlier years of education. To this, he recalls the time when he used to teach students of 10th standard when his college teaching was also going on. He believes, “Work is not work, when you are passionate about it, rather it becomes a joyful process which gives quality education just like the Gurukul system”.

He looks up to his elder sister Dr. Rajni Thakur and Khushboo Thakur, who always creates milestones for him. He has learnt a lot from his sisters and adores his father- Mr. M.S. Thakur and mother- Nitu Thakur, who have stood by him through every thick and thin.
Recalling the struggles in his entrepreneurial journey, Abhishek also has had his share of struggles as he couldn’t find anyone to help him out, but to one person whom he always shares gratitude, is his mother, who always believed in him, whether it was right or wrong, but she had been a pillar of strength for him.

Abhishek reflects his thoughts on entrepreneurial risks and challenges which are inevitable but he believes that passion can overcome every challenge. He says, “One who believes in work, do the job but the one who believes in himself, become an entrepreneur.” And shares that he takes risk every now and then, whether financial, mental or physical but it’s his passion which always pays off.

The worsened education system prompted Abhishek to set up a system to make children aware of the real life problems and prepare them for every future endeavor. “I believe in making students learn the realities of life in a practical way, in a disciplined manner and make them capable of winning the world”, says Abhishek.

His unique personality is depicted in his strategies of making children learn his innovative educational practices, his motivated and high spirit, passion, out of the box thinking, leadership qualities; which are his unique traits.


  • Young Entrepreneur in Chattisgarh
  • Youth Icon Excellence Award for Best Entrepreneur
  • Plenty Award by Chhatisgarh Government

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